iExchange – Social Networking and Lead Retrieval System

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iExchange – Social Networking and Lead Retrieval System

Lead Retrieval is for Everyone, not just Exhibitors!

What is iExchange™?  It’s our full featured social networking and lead retrieval system, with an e-business card exchange feature – built for conferences, trade shows, and hosted buyer events.   Ideally, every attendee has either our Microscanner, or our iPhone or Android Mobile App to collect contact information of other attendees by scanning name badges.  Think of it as lead retrieval for everyone – not just exhibitors.

One key feature for its success? Only one scanner is required for contact information to flow between two people.  Most other systems require that each person in an exchange situation, have a device or scanner.  Not so with iExchange™ – as it sends both parties the contact information of the other person – even to the person without a scanner.

A surprisingly low price point makes it a smart and complete social networking alternative for your next conference, trade show, or hosted buyer event.

iExchange™ features and benefits include:

    • Attendees scan each other with sleek, simple-to-use, compact MicroScanners or Mobile Apps throughout the event.
    • Online attendee profiles allow for the addition of key interests, photos, social networking links, and downloadable brochures or attachments, so they can discovered and connect with others.
    • Attendees can use their own mobile devices and laptops to search for, match interests, and connect with others with the networking system.
    • Meeting Manager Communication: Email Broadcaster, Event-wide Appointment Scheduler, Event Discussion Forums, and “Post & View” options.
    • Both parties receive each others’ contact information, with attached action codes, that each party can easily download at any time.

Our cloud-based social networking management system…

Both parties of the exchange have access to the Social Networking Management System to review their contact records, make notes, even create groups from their records, and send personalized thank you messages, invitations, special offers, or other important information for quick follow-up.

Smart. Affordable. Green. 

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